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May Hopkins
May Hopkins 1
Vital statistics
Title Minnie May Hopkins
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction None
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Status Alive
Location Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.


A self-styled "bomb specialist", May learned the trade from her boyfriend, Ken Takizawa. While only 17 (in the original English release, her age was raised to 18 since she is depicted performing explicit sexual acts; it was changed back in the Dark Horse revised edition), she is considerably more knowledgeable and mature than the average 17-year old girl. She ran away from home at 13 for undisclosed reasons and was found and cared for by Ken.
When Ken had to go underground for several years, she worked as a prostitute at a brothel in Chinatown - even advancing into teaching other newcomers - before leaving and joining up with Rally to run the gun shop. Her time in the brothel is still a very touchy subject for her, though, and she prefers not to bring it up again, though she is quite proud of the skills she acquired there.


When action is called for, May carries a wide range of explosive weapons with her. She typically uses a self-modified grenade called a "May Special," a grenade with no materials to cause shrapnel. Perhaps even more impressive is her talent for disguises and acting; she has fooled Ken into thinking she was a boy for several months, blushed and wept on command, imitated the police chief's voice on the phone so well she fools one of his officers, and impersonated a child star well enough to fool an entire film crew.


May is tiny and young-appearing for her age, having taken growth-stunting herbal drugs in an effort to stay attractive to Ken (this plot element was modified in the first English translation to a condition that she is taking drugs in an attempt to correct). She can pass for a child of ten or twelve and often takes advantage of this. She is very cute - "like Minnie Mouse", hence her nickname - with blonde hair and blue-green eyes.
She is generally cheerful and possesses a great "joie de vivre". She does have a temper though, particularly if someone comes down hard on her lover and mentor Ken Takizawa, or if it is suggested that she may not be mature enough to handle a particular assignment.

Voice Actors (anime)[]

  • JAPANESE - Kae Araki (荒木 香恵)
  • ENGLISH - Kimberly Yates