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Rally Vincent - armed!

Welcome to the Gunsmith Cats Wiki!

Hi, and welcome to the Gunsmith Cats Wiki, the wiki about Chicago's best bounty hunters, the Gunsmith Cats! Welcome and come on in to help out in creating the database of this wiki!

About "Gunsmith Cats"[]

Rally Vincent is a sexy and cool bounty hunter working the streets of Chicago, Illinois, and her passions are Chicago pizza, muscle cars, preferably made by Ford - and MAXIMUM firepower! May Hopkins, or "Minnie May" as she's known, is Rally's partner, a pint-sized bundle of energy who has a thing for Chinese food, kinky sex... and BIG explosions! Together, the two do their best to keep the Windy City safe, in-between running their gunshop 'Gunsmith Cats' - but along the way, they run into their fair share of danger, ranging from vengeful former marks, professional assassins - to a lesbian crimelord who has her eye on Rally!
What this wiki hopes to accomplish is to document this - as well as characters from a related series, "Riding Bean", both created by manga-ka Kenichi Sonoda. Your input, as well as any information you can find, is greatly appreciated.